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The Optimal You Program

Can you imagine having a completely different life in the next 5 months? 

How about a different body?

After a year in research and development, and with great anticipation, the experts and the Nutritional Genomics Institute have released the FIRST, truly personalized weight loss and wellness program ever developed.


Our brand new gene panel combining the best of our 3 most popular panels:

Optimal DietDx



What Does The Optimal You Program Include?

  • Personalized genomic analysis on optimal exercise and sport performance designed specifically for weight loss and management 
  • Personalized genomic analysis on optimal diet to lower inflammation, stress, disease risk and increase and maintain weight loss
  • A custom genomic panel to discover why weight loss strategies have failed in the past, how to correct them and how to maintain them to for good!
  • The program includes full access to your Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and our Fitness and Lifestyle Coach (CPT, CNS) who will guide you through the entire process and access to the Optimal You Platform at NGI.
  • An initial consultation with the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) that details your medical history and explains your testing results
  • A genome panel consultation with the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) explaining your genetic results followed by diet and exercise strategies
  • An initial consultation with our Fitness and Lifestyle Coach (CPT, CNS) who will craft an exercise program based on your genes and testing.
  • A 1-hour mid-way diet analysis appointment to keep you on track!
  • 12, 15-minute weekly check in’s for motivation and measurements (6 with the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS); 6 with the Wellness and Fitness Director (CPT, CNS))
  • Final, 1-hour appointment with the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) where we set you up for long term success on your own.
  • Additional appointments with Dr. Chrissie or our Wellness and Fitness Director are also available by request and availability. 

About the Panel

Optimal Diet for Weight Loss:

Everyone’s optimal diet is different and is based on their genes and current state of health. In this section, we address questions such as:

•Do you have issues that may increase inflammatory weight gain such as oxalate, histamine, lactose, or sulfur sensitivity?

•Would popular diets like the Ketogenic diet or the Adkin’s diet work well for weight loss or does your body respond better to more traditional low-calorie or low carbohydrate diets?

•What role does sleep play in weight loss and management?

•Is intermittent fasting a successful strategy for weight loss or will it result in excess inflammation or hormonal imbalances?

The answers to these questions will help you begin to learn what is the best diet for you by uncovering inflammatory triggers in your food and providing lifestyle, supplement and diet changes that will significantly improve your health.

When choosing your optimal diet, we must also take into consideration the state of your gut health, genetic and lifestyle intolerances and how these factors interact with your immune system. The OptimalYouDx ® is not a comprehensive list of genes that impact diet. You can find a more inclusive list of genes, including genes that impact nutrient and carbohydrate metabolism as well as gut health and disease risk, in the Omics Optimal DietDx ® genome panel. 


Learn about our Wellness Platform for Optimal You

Optimal Exercise for Weight Loss:

As with diet and inflammation, there are genes that determine what type of exercise is ideal for weight loss. In this section of the panel we discover if you are ideally suited for endurance sports like marathons or if your body is more suited for weightlifting. In some cases, excessive high intensity sports result in further inflammation and may actually be inhibiting your weight loss! In other cases, you may have genes that pre-determine excessive bulking for heavy weightlifting. These are important discoveries and most importantly, modifiable not only with behaviors but often with biochemistry! 

The OptimalYouDx ® is not a comprehensive list of genes that impact exercise. You can find a more inclusive list of genes, including genes that impact predict your injury risk, recovery needs, V02max, ergogonics, and more in the Omics SportDx ® genome panel.


Sample Program Flow

January 1: Testing ordered; January 5th Testing Submitted

February 1: Initial Consultation

February 15: Genome Panel Consultation; Execution begins

February 20: Wellness and Fitness Evaulation; Exercise plan started

March 1: First Check in begins

March-May: Weekly Check-ins

April 20: Mid way Diet analysis

May 30: Final Appointment

Optimal You Program Pricing

NGI's Concierge Membership fee is included in the cost of the program. 

Patients or clients who continue after this program will have the opportunity to join the membership program. 

Month 1 Option 1


1 time fee

Paid up front

Genome kit ordered via NGI

Blood Chemistry Panel*


CNS Initial Consultation

Month 1 Option 2


1 time fee

Paid up front

Patient provides approved genetic data

Blood Chemistry Panel*


CNS Initial Consultation

Month 2-5


Per Month

Billed on date of iniation

2, 60 min nutrition appointments

60 min Fitness and Wellness initial

6, 15 min nutrition check-ins

6, 15 min Fitness and Wellness check-ins

*May include CBC, CMB, insulin, etc. Your CNS will determine if your previous bloodwork will suffice and what additional bloodwork is required based on your Initial Consultation

Click Here to Register for the Optimal You Wellness Program!

This link will take you to NGI's Patient Portal for Registration 

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