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Curious about your Genes?

Get a taste of personalized genomic nutrition with our introductory mini diet panel and nutrition appointment. This special includes a de-identified  Genome kit ($150), a 1- hour appointment with a nutritionist ($175) and an OmicsDx Mini Dietdx ($225). 

$550 value for $275 

A Results-Driven Method

Applied Nutritional Genomics

Metabolic dysfunction and disease states are often influenced by genetic variation and environmental influences.  This is Nature AND Nurture. Using our proprietary genome panels, NGI is the only company is the world to apply the science of measuring your gene expression (metabolomics) to genomics using a multi-algorithmic system  to investigate the reasons behind the way you function, and determine how to  support your optimal YOU.  In this way, we can hyper-personalize your treatment unlike anything seen before.


A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

In-Depth Evaluations

At NGI, advanced nutrition therapy begins with a thorough assessment of your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and chronic exposures including emotional stressors and  environmental toxins. Next, with in-depth chemical evaluations and advanced diagnostics, we evaluate imbalances and dysfunctions and create the path to optimal health that is precise and personalized. If necessary, our GenMedx providers assist with medical evaluations and interventions to support and complete your care.


Let's Get Started

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