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Practitioner Package at NGI through OmicsDx

Learn How to Practice Nutritional Genomics

If you are a MD, CNS, DC or other practitioner who is interested in learning about nutritional genomics,              Dr. Chrissie offers an intensive training program designed just for you! This is a 6 month program where you will use your own genomic information and metabolomics testing to explore how we epigenetically validate the genome while concurrently adjusting your own metabolic balance. The best way to learn is through personal exploration! 

Learn with Dr. Chrissie

In this package, you will start with an initial consult and be given access to specific SNPed videos based on your personal medical history and concerns. You and Dr. Chrissie will determine which mini genome panels are best for you and then once per month, you will meet to go over your unique genetic information, detailed and explained by the top expert in the country. In your final visit, Dr. Chrissie will set you up with practice foundations to apply nutritional genomics in your own practice with your own clients. 

Time: 6 months

Appointments: 1/month for 1 hour

Cost: $1000/month

Learn with Senior Advanced Genomic Nutritionist, Michelle Gottfried CNS, MS

In this package, you and Michelle will have a similar course outline as with Dr. Chrissie, however, Michelle may expand upon the research and development aspect of panel development and give direction into the application of nutritional genomics in a research setting.

Time: 6 months

Appointments: 1/month for 1 hour

Cost: $800/month

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