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NGI is the Future of Personalized Medical Nutrition

The Nutritional Genomics Institute empowers patients with the deepest knowledge of their own biology to combat pain and disease with a hyper-personalized approach to healing. 
~The goal is preventative medicine, not reactionary~
What if we could bridge the gap between alternative and modern medicine with a revolutionized approach to personalized medical nutrition?

Dr. Chrissie Williamson

NGI logo-transparent_edited.png

The Nutritional Genomics Institute was born out of an idea from acclaimed specialist Dr. Chrissie Williamson:

Welcome to Dr. Chrissie Williamson's Nutritional Genomics Institute (NGI) and GenMedx, where personalized medicine is no longer just a concept of the future, but a reality for optimizing your health. Our innovative OmicsDx Genome Panels are built on the understanding that medicine and nutrition are truly personal, and that alternative and modern medicines can work synergistically for the best results.

At NGI and GenMedx, our providers combine the standard approach of medicine using blood chemistry and symptomology with a highly advanced functional medicine twist. Using cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices, we incorporate the intricate biochemical nuances within the genome, epigenome, metabolome, and microbiome into every patient's treatment. We believe in the power of understanding how our genetics, nutrition, environment, and experiences work together to influence our health.

Personalized Medicine was once considered the science of the future, but is now here for the taking! 

What sets NGI and GenMedx apart is our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices to incorporate the intricate nuances of your genome, epigenome, metabolome, and microbiome into your treatment plan. We are at the forefront of revolutionary fields such as functional medicine, systems medicine, nutritional genomic medicine, epigenetic medicine, and phenomic medicine, and we are constantly evolving to provide the best care for our patients.

NutriGenomics Meets Primary Care!

Dr. Chrissie envisioned a primary care physician's office integrated with genomic, phenomic, and functional medicine specialists, seamlessly coalesced with laboratory data and appointments, and brought this vision to life at GenMedx. Our GenMedx medical care team offers expertise and service in functional medicine and primary care, expanding the capabilities of NGI to meet your comprehensive health needs.

Please visit our media pages for more information on SNPs, gene testing, and functional tests used at NGI and GenMedx. Take control of your health with our personalized medicine approach. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards optimized wellness and longevity!

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