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NGI's Genomic Nutritionists have been featured in Prevention, MSN, Yahoo, LiveStrong and Well + Good.

NGI celebrates their successes!!!

Select Interviews and Podcasts

Lovetuner Podcast - Dr. Chrissie Williamson, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Genomics Institute

Lovetuner CEO & Founder, Sigmar Berg, invites Lovetuner advocates to share their story and journey. Dr. Chrissie discusses Covid, vaccines, meditation, and empowerment through the power of personalized medicine.

Dr. Christy Williamson talks about the panic attack gene & what causes fertility issues with Tammin Sursok and Roxy on WOT podcast.

Biochemist Dr. Christy Williamson talks about the panic attack gene, micro-dosing, and what causes fertility issues and erectile disfunction with Roxy and Tammin on Women on Top. 

How sleep is impacted by what you eat and drink

Dr. Christy Williamson tells Carlos Amezcua on BeondTV Los Angeles how your genes, what you eat and drink can all impact your sleep and quality of sleep. So what is her best advice for what you should be eating or consuming before bed to get your best sleep? Watch the interview to find out!

Love Tuner Episode: What is Personalized Medical Nutrition?

Lovetuner CEO & Co-Founder, Sigmar Berg, invites Lovetuner advocates to share their story and journey.

On today's podcast we discuss "Personalized Nutrition" such as testing metabolites and pharmacogenetics, and it's effect on out spiritual and physical wellbeing, with Dr. Chrissie Williamson, owner and founder of Nutritional Genomics. We also the discuss the connection of frequency and physical nutrition.


Concierge for Better Living with Doc Rob: Cannabis Radio

Cannabis and Genomics? What do we know and how can we apply this to everyday care - come hang out with Dr. Chrissie and Dr. Rob and learn more about the Cannabis Industry and how we can use a personalized approach. 

Chrissie Williamson, PhD, CNS Nutritional Genomics

Discussing: A Nutritional Genomics Approach to Epigenetic Influences on Chronic Disease with Dr. Drisko 

New Genetic Insights on Food Diet and Weight Loss

Exploring SNPs on the Optimal YouDx, SportDx and LeanDx panels on the EHL.  How can we use nutritional genomics to help you shed that quarantine 15!

Biochemical individuality and COVID-19 – how certain genetic predispositions can increase one’s risk

Learn about SNPs on the ImmuneDx and how these variations may impact not only if and how you get COVID-19, but just what you can do about it!

Wellness Within Reach: Part 2 | With Michelle Gottfrie‪d‬​

Who are you? I mean who are you really? When it comes to DNA we are all unique. But that also means different things affect us differently. Today, Michelle Gottfried joins me for another chat all about epigenetics. We talk about everything from how the junk food your eating is affecting your DNA to how your multivitamin might not be as helpful as you think. We talk about:

Why your multivitamin might be doing more harm than good

What happens when you block one enzyme because you’re eating lots of junk food

The benefits of knowing your gene variations

Why neurotransmitters are so tricky to get balanced

A surprising reason you might be craving food

How we can turn genes “on” and “off”

The connection between stress and your sex drive

And so much more!

The Real Role Genetics Play in Weight Loss with Michelle Gottfrie‪d

If you could have a blueprint of your body to know how to eat, exercise and keep your body running right, would you want it? Today, certified Nutrition Specialist, Michelle Gottfried joins me to talk about how your genetic makeup is the missing piece in seeing success with your diet, exercise or weight loss plan.

Michelle shares how to find wellness, optimum performance through both food and your genes while reducing stress, how a genetic scan can provide a blueprint for your body. With guessing aside, the blueprint provides the whole picture to find the missing pieces, how you can manage stress through food and how your stress can impact your child’s life before and after birth and much more.

So if you’ve been wondering what the missing piece is to your issues then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Guest Lectures

Nutritional Genomics for Health and Wellness

Disrupting EDS - A Nutritional Genomics Approach


Can you control your genes?

Can you control your genes? I believe so. Michelle Gottfried, a nutrigenomic specialist, does too. But there's lot of myths and facts around our genes and the testing that's now available. We are here to sort through the myths and facts about 3 topics:

1. MTHFR - have you heard of it? It's become a hot topic. Inside is what you need to know about your B vitamins and taking "methylated b" supplements.

2. Why is pee bright yellow when you're taking supplements?

3. Multivitamins - myths and facts about them. I'm not a fan. Nor, is Michelle. Let us teach you why.

Textbook Chapters and Journal Publications

Commercially Produced Cultured and Fermented Foods Commonly Available in the United States

Cardiometabolic Disease and Fatigue Syndromes

Respiratory Conditions of the Ears, Nose, and Throat

Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Disorders

From: Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy

From: Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy

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